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Quality Products to Protect Your Diesel Engine Components

Boost Performance and Increase Efficiency

Olson Diesel Ltd. stocks several fuel additives that are designed to boost performance and increase efficiency in diesel powered engines. Get the most out of your vehicle when you bring it to the performance experts at Olson Diesel Ltd. Additives are available in packaged quantities ranging in size from 235 ml up to 208 litres.

Performance Formula

This premium, all season, multifunction diesel fuel additive meets all fuel system requirements, regardless of make, model or year by:

  • Reducing diesel pour point up to 40º F.

  • Increasing horsepower by raising cetane level up to five points.

  • Cleaning and protecting your engine with detergents and deposit modifiers.

  • The use of special demulsifiers that cause water to come out of the suspension to be removed by water filters.

  • Treatment Ratio – 1:500

Lubricity Formula

This extra strength product improves lubricity. Its benefits include:

Performance Formula
  • Cleans and protects all fuel system components.

  • Demulsifies water for improved water separator / filter efficiency.

  • Specially formulated for ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel.

  • Can be used with biodiesel, winter fuel and kerosene.

  • Treatment Ratio – 1:1000

Winter 1000

Winter 1000 is an economical cold weather protection used to:

Lubricity Formula
  • Reduce pour point by 40º F for gelling protection.

  • Reduces ice formation by water in fuel.

  • Contains no dry alcohol.

  • Treatment Ratio – 1:1000

Winter 1000
Efficient Combine
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